Chef Jesus

Jesús is a young chef who is very passionate about baking and has also a love for mixology. His gastronomic structure is very solid in Mexican, Italian and a taste of French cuisine. He can make some delicious homemade bread from scratch as well as the finest pastries and he’s always committed and focused on perfecting each of his recipes and dishes.

Signature dishes:

Fish fillet with mango “chimichurri” sauce

Shrimp “Chile relleno” with roasted pepper sauce
Asparagus cream with goat cheese croutons

Reviews :

  • “I won’t be able to stay in a regular hotel room again! Having Jesus as our chef was the highlight of our vacation. He made the whole trip a roaring success. We also loved having a pool in our room, especially because it was hot and humid”
  • “The icing on the cake was the food prepared by Chef Jesus, our suite’s personal chef. Meal after meal wowed us. His culinary skills are to be celebrated. Never in my life have I eaten such deliciousness in a week’s time. While his sea bass and paella were delicious, his rack of lamb with mole, chili rellenos and ceviche was unbelievable! I must also mention the huevos rancheros for breakfast”
  • “Jesus was the best part of our stay! He went above and beyond for us! His food was absolutely fabulous and he is such a kind and gentle person. The view is great!”